Prepare for a post-cookie era

The digital ecosystem has been moving away from third-party identifiers for some time, but 2024 is a pivotal moment. Google has already started deprecating third-party cookies on Chrome in preparation for the full phase out later this year. It’s essential that the industry is ready - so what should you be doing now? Explore alternative strategies, the range of products available and key questions to ask to help your business thrive in a post-cookie era


Google postpones third-party cookie phase out

As Google announces a further delay to the deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome, our CEO Jon Mew urges the industry to not lose momentum and prepare now.

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Directory of targeting & 测量 工具

Testing alternative solutions to target and measure your campaigns is essential ahead of Chrome’s cookie deadline. Get acquainted with cookie-less products that are currently in the market - this directory pulls together what’s on offer from IAB UK members, as well as who you should get in touch with at each company.

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Cookieless checklist for advertisers

We’ve worked with law firm Bird & Bird to create a checklist of eight essential questions advertisers and agencies should ask prospective vendors when it comes to selecting the right cookieless technology for their objectives.

Are you up-to-date?

Catch up on the latest news relating to the deprecation of third-party cookies, plus explore guides and resources from IABs and the wider industry to help you prepare your business.

Understanding the post-cookie digital ecosystem



与观众 relate to strategies where publisher and advertiser audiences can be directly linked using an identifier at a 1:1 level


Unlinked audiences

Unlinked audiences relate to targeting strategies where there is no ability to directly link a publisher's audience to the advertiser’s audience


Browser / Operating System-与观众

了解更多 about environments where a browser or operating system links a publisher and advertiser data

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IAB UK 培训: The future of targeting & 测量

In this online course, we outline the implications of the deprecation of third-party cookies and other identifiers and look to the future of targeting and 测量. A great course to build up your knowledge and get familiar with different options.

Post-cookie advice from our members on The IAB UK Podcast

From Teads on post-cookie readiness to Google on privacy-first targeting solutions, head to The IAB UK Podcast for advice from our members.

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接下来是什么? 针对 & 测量常见问题

Need a refresher on what’s happened to date and why third-party identifiers are being phased out? We round up what you need to know and break down the key facts with 常见问题 to ensure you’re up-to-date.

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