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Passionate about digital advertising? We want to hear from you. 请访问职位空缺,查看我们正在招聘的职位,并了解更多彩乐园dsn在IAB UK的工作方式.

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Who we are

We are the industry body for digital advertising, here to build a better future for digital advertising for the benefit of everyone. Our mission is to enable smarter business – by delivering a better kind of profit that benefits both the planet and its people. From our policy work to research studies, and from our sustainability initiatives to our inclusion work, we host events and training, 制定标准,教育那些从事彩乐园dsn工作的人如何最大限度地利用它——以及如何负责任地做这件事.

Our membership spans media owners, publishers, agencies, ad tech companies and brands. From Google to The Guardian, MIQ to Mindshare and TikTok to The Trade Desk - take a look at our members directory.

As an industry body, 我们为发展职业生涯提供了一个真正独特的地方,因为我们不仅可以与行业内广泛的公司合作, but also have plenty of opportunities to learn about digital advertising and innovation.

Life at IAB UK

Ways of working

Although IAB UK is a small team of 25, we deliver a great deal of important work and build strong relationships with our members. 以至于有些人从IAB成功的职业生涯中离开,到我们的成员公司工作——比如谷歌或TikTok——作为下一个篇章. 
We are a Flexible First qualified employer, 这意味着我们致力于弹性工作,因为它是缩小性别收入差距的主要影响因素, by delivering gender equality. It also means that everyone – whether they are parents or carers, are neurodiverse, 住在离伦敦更远的地方,或者只是想要更大的灵活性——他们可以平衡工作和生活中的其他事情.
At the IAB, we work both from home and from our office in Covent Garden, with many of us coming into the office two days each week. Some of our team are also based further afield, including the Yorkshire Dales. On Wednesdays, we all enjoy a free lunch together in the office. Recognising that needs evolve, 我们每年进行一次(匿名)员工调查,以了解员工的积极性和满意度,并确定在我们所做的工作和提供的环境方面可以改进的地方.
Overall, we are proud of the work environment and culture we have created at the IAB – in fact, our company has been recognised as one of 'Campaign's Best Places to Work' in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

IABeers discussing their DISC profiles


We are a social and upbeat team at the IAB, 拥有不同领域的专业知识和出色的能力,能够共同完成重大活动和计划. We celebrate success, whether it's the completion of a big project or something small but important that helps us all. Socially, we have a book club, hold team bonding days, after work quizzes and some people bring their dogs into the office. 胸怀大志也在IAB占据统治地位,我们是英国癌症研究中心的年度行业冲刺运动的常规竞争者.

We are proud of our values, which everyone in the team helped shape and they help guide us in how we act every day:

  • We collaborate - we bring everyone together to achieve more. Whether that’s uniting the industry or working collaboratively as a team
  • We are brave - we don't shy away from the difficult stuff. 从对饼干的弃用,到照亮需要改变的地方,以使这个行业更环保
  • We are trusted experts - we're knowledgeable and curious. We have to be on the ball in this industry, because there’s always something new, and we are excited to learn and share what we know
IABeers discussing their environmental impact

Growing & thriving

We recognise that career development is important when looking at a new role. 我们不是最大的组织,所以我们没有全年开放几十个促销窗口, but we do take our teams’ careers seriously.

We offer training in coaching skills to all managers so they can have productive career conversations with their teams; encourage staff to speak to qualified, external coaches at Sanctus about their personal development; and help staff identify their personal career drivers so they know what really matters to them at work.

We want everyone to be able to thrive in their role, so in addition to external training, individual training and our own IAB training courses, we make time for everyone to stay up-to-speed with developments in tech and advertising. Knowing our styles and strengths is vital when it comes to development, so everyone is invited to take a DISC survey and StrengthScope profile, 如何识别一个人的沟通风格和优势,以便他们有效地引导它们. We build on this by ensuring the whole team can perform at its best, for example by investing in all company training and coaching.

在彩乐园dsn生态系统的核心工作也意味着能够获得超越典型组织的惊人机会-例如被邀请参加整个行业的活动,并有大量机会在广泛的市场领先公司中发展您的网络. Our staff gain a fantastic perspective of the market as companies grow, 合并和创业——所有这些都为他们提供了一个辉煌的平台,当时机成熟时,他们可以从这个平台开始下一个职业篇章.

We also know that sometimes the best personal growth happens away from our laptops. That is why we are proud of our Sabbatical Scheme, which has seen team members take eight weeks to dedicate to their personal passions like cycling, skiing, travelling or spending more time with a young family or, as our Chief Industry Officer did, undertaking a course in countryside conservation. Hit play on the short film to find out more about Tim's sabbatical experience.

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Training at the IAB

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Our mission, “Enabling better business”, encompasses our focus on the planet. 我们关心我们的碳足迹,因此作为一个公司,我们采取措施,无论是在我们的办公室还是在dsn彩乐园网址中,都要更加可持续. We have been recognised as Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Footprint Standard, have an internal climate group, 为我们的成员运营一个IAB可持续发展小组,并积极与更广泛的行业合作,推动实现零碳排放. 我们的团队活动包括志愿清理泰晤士河沿岸,在恩菲尔德收集垃圾和植树,以帮助防止洪水. Find out more here

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Diversity & inclusion

As a representative of the industry, D&I is important to us in terms of our culture, the suppliers we work with and the people we put on stage at our events. We ask suppliers about their commitments and run a D&我的小组成员,以帮助加快努力,使彩乐园dsn行业更加包容和公平的工作场所-你可以 find out more here.

我们知道,在IAB工作的许多人都是白人,我们正在努力实现团队的多元化. To work towards this, 我们比较了盲查简历和非盲查简历的面试人数,并与注重寻找更多样化候选人的招聘人员合作.

We are committed to the All In Plan, 我们的目标是建立一个更具包容性的广告行业,并为被认可为All In冠军而感到自豪. All In was created by the Advertising Association, IPA and ISBA to build a workplace where everyone feels they belong.

Website manager Yasmin and her baby Isa

Equal opportunities

We want to build a digital advertising industry that is for everybody and, to that point, we support equal opportunities for everyone. We value and respect all differences in people (seen and unseen). 我们这样做的方法之一是积极鼓励员工以最适合他们需求的方式工作,我们的灵活工作政策概述了可用的选择. We encourage applicants to talk to us at the interview about flexibility, equipment or other support you need. We can’t promise to give you exactly what you want, but we promise not to judge you for asking. Our office is closed between Christmas and New Year, 不过,如果员工愿意,我们也会让他们选择用这个带薪假期来替代宗教或文化假期.

Find out more about flexible working in our short film, which explores shared parental leave and returning from maternity leave to IAB UK.

We do not stipulate having a degree for any of our roles and ensure that all entry-level wages are above the London living wage. We have run 一个实习项目,为行业外的个人提供工作经验,并有机会结识行业内的许多重要人物. We supported this person in finding a permanent role in the industry at the end of their internship, and for the next few months of their journey.

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我们在IAB有很多支持,以确保每个人都能在工作中做自己,并在生活给他们柠檬时得到他们需要的东西. Line managers are trained to be supportive of people’s needs, while optional monthly Sanctus sessions offer staff mental health support. 我们给员工50英镑,让他们花在自己选择的健康应用程序上——无论是Headspace、瑜伽还是其他什么. We have trained Mental Health First Aiders within the team. We also finish early on a Friday so we can make the most of our weekends. Our CEO Jon further explains the wellbeing offering at IAB UK.

IABeers having a buddy catch up

Starting out & coming back

All new starters are appointed a ‘buddy’ outside of their direct team, to help them settle in. This has helped new joiners to build connections and quickly feel part of the IAB. Watch to find out more about the buddy scheme. 对于那些在事业中断后重返工作岗位的人——无论是育儿假还是一段时间不工作——我们都有一个重返工作岗位的冠军来帮助他们度过这段过渡时期.

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